Arbor Mobile Reporting

Arbor Mobile Reporting


Mobile ReportingArbor Mobile Reporting allows Portfolio Management System users to view their real time positions on their mobile phones, tablets and computers, in a daily or MTD mode. The reporting format can also be configured based on the users preference.

Live Updates

MTD ReportingInformation shown on this mobile site will reflect your real-time portfolio as configured on APM. This feature enables you to see your preferred trade and risk information, such as:

  • Prices
  • Positions
  • Cash
  • Exposures
  • Market Value
  • NAV
  • P&L
  • Price Movements

Additional columns can be managed in our ‘ordering’ feature and will be discussed further in ‘Front End Feature’ section.

Live Reporting

In addition to prices, your position will also be reported live – which means new orders (including the ones made in the Order Management System), changes and amendments in your portfolio or trades can be instantly viewed and audited at fund and position level.

Intro Video

Front End Features

Remembering the size limitations mobile screens may have, we spent extra effort in creating features to enable each user to get the most out of our mobile reporting platform. Some examples of these features are:

  • Arithmetic functions
  • Column ordering
  • Expand or contract header
  • Export positions to CSV or PDF files
  • Filter
  • Group by feature
  • Performance attribution
  • Pin a column left / right
  • Sort ascending / descending

Group By

Cell Phone GroupingUsing our group by feature, the users are able to view information grouped by their preferred parameter(s). In the example above, we group our fund by Product Type. Clicking the (+) and (-) will respectively expand and contract your view.

Arithmetic Functions

Tablet FunctionAdditionally, the users are also able to perform some arithmetic functions, such as sum, min, max, count and average. In the example above, we show the sum of market value, opening cost and P&L of each product type we have.

Pin Left/Right

Pinning and PagingPinning a column to the left or right allows you to continuously see the pinned column on the screen, even when you are sliding the through this mobile page. In this example, we are pinning product type to the left.


FilteringThe filter function, as shown above, allows you to refine the data to exactly what you want to see. Filter is applicable to all alphabetical columns, providing you the flexibility to choose a specific set of data.

Ordering & Additional Columns

Column OrderingDue to the limited space in mobile screens, we have selected some columns to appear as default in this reporting platform. Nonetheless, the users are free to check and un-check the check box to display and remove particular column(s). To move columns around, the users can drag and drop a column on top of another, switching their places.

Performance Attribution

Mobile Reporting AttributionIn this configuration box, you can:

  • Select the fund you want to be displayed in the fund drop-down
  • Choose your performance attribution reporting method (in a daily or monthly mode)
  • Apply the changes you’ve made by clicking the play button
  • Save your current configuration by clicking the floppy icon

Reporting Functionality

Reporting FunctionalityFinally, this mobile platform also allows the users to export their real time position information as CSV and PDF files, enabling them to send these files directly to their contacts.

To request a demo of this mobile technology, please contact us at

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