On Boarding

Detailed below are the documents that need to be completed by clients, and a welcome pack with helpful information.

  1. Fund Questionnaire – This is a mandatory document which needs to be sent out to Onboarding team so that they can initiate the fund set up process.
  2. Product Master – This would be your security universe. Arbor will provide a basic product master according to the markets you list. Please be advised that all the products traded must exist to allow accurate mapping for trade notification and reconciliations with both Prime Brokers and Administrators.
  3. Historic Trade Import – Please state if you require trade import to be done or not? Should you decide to opt for trade import then kindly fill all your historic trades in the spreadsheet. You may also like to review the document on Trade import which would help you to better understand the file.
  4. Historic Price file – This would help us while loading all historic prices for historic positions. You may refer to price file specification document for more information.
  5. Arbor Price File Specification & Price Load Sample (Intraday) – This one will be used to load intra and EOD prices (Via FTP or manual upload).
  6. FIX Questionnaire – Should you opt for FIX then kindly fill the relevant information on this document.
  7. Remote Access: There may be occasions when our Support Team may need to access your local computer remotely. For this, we use TeamViewer. Please save this on your desktop and double click it to enable remote access. Download here.
  8. IT Questionnaire Checklist (For non hosted clients only) – Please be advised to fill out this questionnaire and send it across to Onboarding team.
  9. Important mail ids for your reference: onboarding@arborfs.com and support@arborfs.com

When your download completes, you will find a compressed (zipped) folder containing all of the documents detailed above, please email all completed ones to onboarding@arborfs.com

To ‘unzip’ the folder in windows, right click on it and click ‘Extract All’, then click ‘Extract’ on the dialog box that appears. You should then have a normal folder in the same place as the zipped one. doing this on a mac is even easier, just double click the folder and the folder should become uncompressed automatically.

Please visit the sites below to learn more about our product:
Portfolio Management System
Order Management System


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