Crypto/Digital Portfolio Management

Crypto Portfolio Management

Arbor’s Crypto capabilities are integrated with our existing PMS and OMS platform, benefiting from years of extensive institutional grade development, including:

    • Compliance (Pre and Post Trade),
    • Risk,
    • Performance Contribution,
    • Reporting,
    • Tax Lots,
    • Fee Management,
    • Transaction Reporting,
    • Reconciliation (Trade and Position),
    • NAV’s.

Digital securities/Digital Financial Assets like crypto currencies and many of their complex derivatives are covered in the PMS, specific Crypto PMS functions added include:

    • Intraday financing, even with multiple periods per day.
    • Perpetual Futures Contracts, with accruals in FIAT and Crypto.
    • Options with underlyers to both Crypto currencies and Crypto Futures.
    • Many exchange API connections, more being added continually.
    • VaR included.
    • 7×24 Operations.

Exchanges our Crypto PMS connects to:

    • Bitmex
    • BitFinex
    • Binance Spot
    • Binance Futures
    • Bitstamp
    • BlockChain
    • CoinBase Pro
    • CoinBase Prime
    • Copper
    • CoinFloor
    • Deribit
    • Kraken Futures
    • Kraken Spot
    • Okex
    • BitBay
    • LMAX
    • Koine
    • Huobi Futures
    • Huobi Spot
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