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Did You Know? | Tax Lot Analysis

Our Tax Lots page in APM is a really useful tool, for examining your fund not just in overall positions, but also the individual lots/positions that make these positions up. This is useful not only for US clients with lot-specific tax burdens, but also for non-US clients who want to examine their fund in more […]

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Did You Know? | How to set up Trade Allocation Rules

In APM, you can allocate a trade to more than just 1 fund. This is important, because by allocating 1 order across multiple accounts, you ensure that all accounts are treated fairly and have the same price. This is critical for many managed accounts. It also means you save on paying ticket fees. Once you’ve […]

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Did You Know? | Trade Import via a File

In our APM Hedge Fund System, you can load a large amount of trades in one go, rather than individually loading each of them through Trade Entry. This is especially useful for your setup with APM, or for large-volume activity. One way to do this is by using our ‘Drag and Drop’ method of importing […]

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Did You Know? | About our online Documentation Portal

Did you know about our Documentation Portal? This is our ‘Wiki’ (also known as our ‘Help Manual’) for all things APM-related. It has nearly 100 entries, covering everything from APM’s big fundamentals to its small intricacies. Let us show you around. 1. Overviews Our first type of article is the Overview. These tackle all the […]

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