Our new updates in 2019.3!

Here’s our latest Monthly Release. We have added a range of new columns and options throughout our Portfolio Management Software to give you a fuller picture of your portfolio.

New Features

  • Product Master
    • Users can now set up different products with the same ISIN on ‘Product Master’ page.
  • Position Reporting
    • Three new columns have been added to the ‘Position Reporting’ page, i.e. ‘Net Daily P&L (Base)’, ‘Net Daily P&L (FOF)’ and ‘Net Daily P&L (Local)’.
  • Trade Query
    • Users can now group the trades on the bases of sector and classification on the ‘Trade Query’ page.
  • Mobile App
    • Users can now see the open quantity on the bases of market, long/short and product type.
  • Mobile App
    • Users can now see the daily traded quantity on the basis of the market, under the new added column ‘DTD Trades’.


  • Option P&L
    • Expiration logic and assignment trades logic have been changed for lean hogs option products.
  • Position Reporting
    • Users can now see the strike price for option products on ‘Position Reporting’ page.
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