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Arbor allows you to rebalance your portfolio, helping you keep control of the level of risk you take on.

Portfolio Rebalancing – what it is

Portfolio Rebalancing is a simple method of achieving a target asset allocation, to ensure that your assets are realigned according to your security preferences after market fluctuations (for example, to regain a fund of 5% Apple and 6% Tesla shares).

Our system allows you to rebalance one or multiple funds to ensure this target asset allocation is maintained, after it changes through performance.

A portfolio can be rebalanced by amount, by selecting a particular intention (e.g. Benchmark % (all), Target %, Target Value), or both.

Where you can find it

Click Maintenance (at the top of the screen)

Select Portfolio Rebalancing

How to enter an Inflow or an Outflow

You can balance your portfolio by amount.


  • Example 1 – if you require an extra $100 in the fund
  • In ‘Direction’ select Inflow
  • In ‘Amount’ select $100


  • Example 2 – if you wished to rebalance a withdrawal of $100
  • In ‘Direction’ select Outflow
  • In ‘Amount’ select $100

Further methods of rebalancing

As above, you can rebalance your portfolio by amount. You can also rebalance by selecting a particular intention, which allows you to rebalance based upon either:

  • Benchmark %
    • You can define this benchmark level, and it can involve different targets for different securities.
  • Target %
    • This is a fixed percentage that will apply to all included securities.

On top of this, Exclusion, Product Type and Minimum Trade options are also available.

Exporting to OMS (Order Management System)

Using OMS Export generates an Order Entry window to submit the orders.

This allows you to send these orders straight to market, letting you execute the necessary transactions to rebalance your portfolio.

Rebalancing multiple funds

You can also rebalance multiple funds, by using Basket Creation.

More information

For more information about Portfolio Rebalancing, head to our online documentation portal.
If you need help logging in to access this document, contact us for your log-in details.

And click here to learn more about Arbor’s Trade Order Management System.

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