Did You Know? | How to set up advanced transaction charges

Use our Extended Fees section to include more complex transaction charges in our Hedge Fund Portfolio Management System. This is the area where you can manage your standard fees – including SEC fees, Taxes, PTM Levies and Commissions. However, it also allows you to incorporate more account-specific fees, such as: Month End ticket fees, Done Away charges, and fees that occur in different currencies to their trades.

You can choose 3 separate ways to include each fee, varying on whether to include or exclude it from the trade, and whether to process it simultaneously or separately. Our 3 types of Occurrence are:

  1. ‘Included in Net’ – additional fees included in the net
  2. ‘Separate Deferred’ – fees excluded from the net amount, and deferred to occur at a later date than the trade
    • e.g. Month End ticket fees
  3. ‘Separate Trade’ – fees excluded from the net amount, but scheduled to occur at the same time as the trade
    • e.g. additional fees in a different currency

To enter an Extended Fee:

  • Go to the Administration tab
  • Select Extended Fees
  • Enter the properties of the extended fee you would like to include

To learn more about our Hedge Fund Portfolio Management System, click here.

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