2017.3 is Ready for Release – Contact our Support Team Today!

New features:

  • Allocation rules – Automatically adjust splits for buy to cover trades when closing out (Configurable).
  • Allocation rules – Quick change settings to allow rapid enable/disable settings, when working different orders with different allocations.


  • Trade reconciliation – New columns added for enriched reconciliation.
  • Holiday calendar – New features added to the open source feed, keeping the calendar up to date on holidays across all the exchanges and regions.
  • Scheduled Fees – Stepped fees allow multiple fee values depending on the NAV ranges.


  • Portfolio Summary – Sorting issue by only PnL has been fixed, it can be sorted by any column now.
  • Fees – Rounding up of SEC fees to two decimal places, no longer configurable.

See our Release Notes section for the latest feature list.

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