Improved Portfolio Summary capabilities and more! 2017.1 is out now!

New features:

  • Portfolio Turnover now on the Portfolio Summary page in order to show the trading activity compared to the NAV of the fund.
  • APM is now capable of making redemptions configurable on T and T+1, thus adopting the GIPS standards.
  • Multiple real time market data providers configurable to different feeds in real time.


  • Risk Free Rate in the Fund Details page to define multiple risk free rates for performance statistics.
  • We have improved the speed of the Order Reporting page significantly.
  • Users can now populate the Corporate Actions page via an Excel sheet.


  • Now the allocation rule setup works fine in case of book or strategy selection.
  • Amendment of allocation rule works fine now.

To find out more about our newly-improved Portfolio Summary page, please enjoy our informative video on its capabilities here.

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