Our October release is ready for download, please get in touch to find out how 2016.10 could come in handy!

New features:

  • New Risk Attributor for your risk needs – Introduction of performance ratios i.e. sharpe, sortino and treynor along with beta calculations.
  • Complex corporate actions loading from external feeds.
  • Automation of Option setup. For ease of use and reduced market data charges.


  • Improvements to the Position Valuation History tab with the additional of a range of configurable columns, allowing the user to see more valuation information for a particular position.
  • Configurable decimal places for columns in Position Reporting page.
  • 2 new columns have also been added ‘Price Change’ and ‘Price Change (Day)’


  • Issue with exporting to Excel where some data was shown as characters instead of numbers has now been fixed.

For more information about our Risk Attributor system, take a look at our online documentation. If further information is required, feel free to contact us for more extensive records.

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