2016.3 is ready for release now! Contact our team to get it installed and start using the latest version of APM.

New features:

  • New product type – Invoices.
  • Client specific trade validation routines can be dynamically added to support esoteric business requirements.
  • User interface for “Easy to Borrow” stocks, and pending “Locates”.


  • Ability to set up ISOs for accounts, and a pop up to warn if we are using the wrong account for that ISO.
  • Configuration to refine exposure report. Users can exclude, at fund level, certain product types from exposure calculations.
  • Automated batch jobs for periodic resets of future positions.


  • Issue where trades done via a trade import were automatically confirmed has been fixed now, so if confirmations are switched on all automated trades will have to be confirmed.

To find out more about Arbor’s services, explore our extensive online documentation here.

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