Monthly Archives: April 2016

2016.3 is ready for release now! Contact our team to get it installed and start using the latest version of APM.

New features: New product type – Invoices. Client specific trade validation routines can be dynamically added to support esoteric business requirements. User interface for “Easy to Borrow” stocks, and pending “Locates”. Refinements: Ability to set up ISOs for accounts, and a pop up to warn if we are using the wrong account for that ISO. […]

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Get in touch for our latest release (2016.2) which is packed full of exciting features!

New features: Three way reconciliation including historical position reconciliation and case management with comments. Availability to pull historic prices for equities using the existing internet price feeds. Refinements: Consistency across board for the FX rates that are used for cross currency EQ positions. Quantity in Order Entry tickets is now split into Current Quantity and […]

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