March 2015 Release Now Available!

New Features:

  • User-specified position reporting views can now be saved with specific groupings, column configurations, and modes. These views can be named by the user and will have their own separate tab that the can be directly accessed without going to position reporting.
  • Fund-level stop loss and target values can now be added on top of position-level values.
  • “Tax Lots” page with easy-to-use flexible groupings and views to simplify analyzing complex tax lot information.


  • Displaying “% Net Exposure” and % Gross Exposure” of NAV in the top line of position reporting.
  • “% Share Price Movement” column added to position reporting.


  • Error message occurs when target price and stop loss price are greater than/less than order price.
  • In trade entry, multiple accounts can now be seen within the same fund when amending historic trades.

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