January Release is out

New Features:

  • Stop Loss/target price properties for Trades/ Orders and relative reporting on positions .
  • Users can adjust prices for depreciation/appreciation using different methods.
  • CSA commission’s elements are available with automatic calculation using defined schedules.
  • Loading user defined Bloomberg values (eg Beta) in position reporting page.
  • Yahoo internet price feed will automatically refresh and load with extended columns such as Shares outstanding or Daily Trading Volume.


  • Additional levels of grouping available in position reporting.
  • Custom sorting of classifications in position reporting.
  • Trade Query page to include Order ID option in ‘Group By’ and Product Description to be searchable.
  • Additional columns added to realised positions.


  • Holidays for the next 12 months will be loaded from the Date selected from the drop down instead of fund year start date.
  • Trade entry page distortion being sorted.

Check out our Portfolio Management System page for more information about our latest updates and new capabilities.

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