System Hosting

System Hosting

With increased attention from client’s and their investors on cost effective system resilience, business continuity and reduced administrative overhead, we have developed a hosting solution specifically to meet these needs.

Typical fail over strategies suggest a duplication of hardware, network, software and systems at another site with extended restore times.  This is expensive to purchase, install and maintain with fail over often taking many hours to complete.

System Hosting

Arbor has developed its hosted fail over solution which does not require any of the above. By hosting a fail over solution in its data centre with continual (secure) data replication from your production system, fail over can be completed within 2 hours.

Even if the whole client site is unavailable, access to the back up system from laptops / home PCs can be made available very easily.

System replication and data integrity is all managed as part of the fail over solution.

Additional hardware, software or operating systems do not need to be purchased.

Of course you don’t need to take our hosting, you can provision this yourself.

For more detail and to see how BCP (Business Continuity Planning) provision is arranged please download the following document:

  • Testimonial

    Having myself, managed a well known Hedge Fund software company for several years, when considering our current business requirements, Arbor on current market assessment, stood out for us as a highly powerful, flexible yet intuitive system, and has contributed to Dromeus’ comprehensive workflow in a compelling way. With a smooth onboarding, training, impressive live support, integration with service providers and flexibility to meet our specific needs, we have been able to automate many of our processes with ease. The forward thinking, excellent support and innovative approach set Arbor apart in the market, where such attributes are valuable.

    John Gunn, COO, Dromeus Capital Group.