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Portfolio Management System Overview

Arbor Portfolio Manager (APM) is portfolio, asset, and fund management software that provides buy-side institutions with detailed trade and position management. This includes in-depth portfolio analysis and compliance setup for the front office, and extensive mid-to-back office general ledger reporting.

We also offer 24/5 global support, middle office services and periodic updates corresponding to your needs. These independent features have made our portfolio management system as one of the most sophisticated investment management software in the financial technology industry.

At the same time, you will find our portfolio management system to be a low-touch system. This allows you to focus on the real work by adding value to your fund and asset management duties, whatever they may be.

Key Features of Arbor Portfolio Management System

Front Office:

  • Real-time (and historic) P&L / NAVs
  • Detailed performance attribution
  • Risk reporting (Exposure, Value at Risk, Liquidity etc)
  • Slicing and dicing of single and multiple funds
  • Fund summary reporting

Mid/Back Office:

  • Pre and post trade compliance reporting
  • Cash management
  • General ledger reporting
  • Corporate actions
  • Transaction and position reconciliation
  • Automated fee processing
  • Third party transaction reporting
  • Transaction confirmations workflow
  • Data mining engine for flexible price sourcing
  • Full auditing and access controls

Portfolio Management Introduction Videos

Position Reporting: Click to Download / View

Portfolio Summary: Click to Download / View

Fund Analysis & Position Keeping

Portfolio Management SystemArbor portfolio management system provides detailed portfolio / fund analysis for both real time and historic trades. These views of multiple portfolios can be controlled from the same interface. With the flexibility to control views with countless slice and dice options, you can easily analyze your portfolio making investment decisions intuitively and efficiently.

Fund Risk Management/Analysis

Fund Management SystemUsing the features detailed in position keeping, our portfolio management system is able to perform fund risk management and analysis for both real time and historical trades/positions, including these features:

• Exposure (Net & Gross)
• Exposure Beta / Delta Adjusted
• Liquidity
• Market Capitalization
• Post Trade Compliance
• Stop / Loss Indicators

With the group by features in Position Reporting the above values.

Hedge Fund Risk Management Software

Risk Management System

Arbor Risk Management System is now seamlessly integrated to Arbor PMS. Our newest feature enables you to automate your risk reporting needs, covering substantial areas such as VaR , risk ratios and volatility indicators for multiple asset classes.

Order Manager Application

Fund Management SystemArbor Portfolio Management System will sync trades, approval status, compliance, analysis, fills and other information from Arbor Order Management System. Analysis pertaining to your order can also be designed as a custom report to be sent to you or your third parties, in your preferred frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc).

Mobile Portfolio Reporting Platform

Arbor Mobile ReportingArbor Mobile Reporting utilizes our latest mobile technology, allowing you to access your Arbor Portfolio Manager (APM) on your mobile phone whenever you want. Real-time position from APM will be reflected in this mobile platform, enabling the users to view live prices, direction and their P&L attribution.

Reporting Portal for Fund Managers

Portfolio Choice

With Arbor Reporting Portal, you can create reports on all the data that you want. Arbor’s data can be automatically integrated overnight, whereas additional data, such as index prices, beta, alpha and others can be merged to add to your reporting capability. To learn more about this feature, please visit our reporting portal page.

Portfolio Management Software Listing

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