Trade Order Management System

Order Management System (OMS)


Order Management System Overview

As investment workflows grow more complex due to increasing type of asset classes and its alternatives, it’s becoming more important for investment offices to improve operational efficiency, automating administration duties related to the real work.

This is why, we created Arbor Trade Order Management System, a software that possesses the ability to streamline your investment and trading workflow, hence saving you time from administration and compliance duties in the process.

Using our advanced technology, our order management software will provide a clear & detailed one-page view of all orders associated with funds existing in our Portfolio Management System, together with compliance reporting and real time and historical order analysis.

Execution Management System (EMS) & FIX


Order Management System

Orders can be generated and sent electronically via the Financial Information eXchange (FIX), configured to simply receive fills from an order generated by a 3rd party Execution Management System (EMS) when trading. For brokers not available on the FIX network, orders can be manually entered. For more information on FIX, please click here.

Key Features of Order Management Software:

      • Order management trading approval workflow
      • Block or single-level orders
      • Compliance (pre and-post trade)
      • Allocations (pre and-post trade)
      • Entitlements defined at user/fund level
      • Full audit trail
      • Manual order and trade filling
      • Proposed position reporting
      • Portfolio re-balancing (for target and benchmark)

Portfolio Management System Application

Order Management SystemArbor trade OMS will display information pertaining to order processing, such as compliance management & reporting, analysis, order fulfillment, and others to the Portfolio Management system. Historical and real-time details of orders will be available for display. Custom reports can also be created, to be sent to you or your third parties, wherever and whenever you want.

Order Processing Video

Watch our short order management process intro video:

For more information, please visit the order management software application links below:

Order Management & Trade Processing

Order Management System Trading
Our OMS provides analytics of all trades associated with funds that exist within APM. It is configured to simply receive order fulfillment by a third party Execution Management System (EMS). Furthermore, the users can setup allocation rules, approval/ entitlements and conduct manual entry (for brokers without FIX connection). Please visit our Trade Order Management System application page to learn more about order management process.

Fund Compliance Management & Reporting

Open Source System ManagementCompliance reporting in Arbor Portfolio Manager (APM) can be applied at both the pre and post-trade level. User defined rules are checked against existing positions in Position Reporting and orders/proposed positions in Order Reporting.

Order Management Reporting Portal

Commission per Broker

We (or you) can also create reports on OMS data in multiple design (bar, line, pie chart, etc), with drill down capability and drag and drop interface. Reports are fully interactive with drill-down and filter capabilities. To learn more, please visit our reporting portal webpage.

Broker Connectivity

Here is the list of brokers that are already connected to FIX network.

OM Software Listings:

Bob’s Guide
FIX Trading Community

For more information, please view the following product sheets:

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