Profit Allocation Rule

Profit Allocation Rule

A rule is an essential component to the workflow in ATAS. To manage complex and dynamic revenue splits; ATAS will link a rule to these following properties:

  • Clients
  • Regions
  • Timeframes
  • Traders

Allocation Options

In the Commission Allocation View, profit allocation rule(s) can be set up. ATAS enables the users to setup percentage split of commission to house and traders under the rule(s). Afterwards, this rule can be mapped to clients and later to trades.

These rules can be applied at a specific timeframe. In addition, revenue splits can be amended retrospectively – recalculating P&L with updated information in the process.

P&L Allocation TechnologyClient Rules

A user can apply an existing rule to client(s) in Client View. In this page, the user can select the preferred fund code, region and percentage of CSA fee. Several rules and splits can be mapped to multiple clients and traders in different periods. Detailed information about CSA can be viewed in the CSA view.

Client P&L Software
Filtering an Allocation Rule

To easily search a specific rule, a user can filter rules based on properties such as fund code, region, or others. For example, to find rules with permission to trade only in United States, the user needs to find rules where region is USD. Hence, the user can filter ‘REGN’ column to show items with value that is equal to USD.

Profit Allocation 3

  • Testimonial

    Having myself, managed a well known Hedge Fund software company for several years, when considering our current business requirements, Arbor on current market assessment, stood out for us as a highly powerful, flexible yet intuitive system, and has contributed to Dromeus’ comprehensive workflow in a compelling way. With a smooth onboarding, training, impressive live support, integration with service providers and flexibility to meet our specific needs, we have been able to automate many of our processes with ease. The forward thinking, excellent support and innovative approach set Arbor apart in the market, where such attributes are valuable.

    John Gunn, COO, Dromeus Capital Group.