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The Transaction management components can be arranged to allow efficient straight through processing:


The reporting engine can automate the transaction reporting to the regulator and clearer, with version control and full audit.


Our platform automatically retrieves data from your existing trade flow, enabling you to see your historic and current P&L with ease. Operations and management staff will be able to view all transaction details, whereas each trader will have a login to view their own transactions.


To manage complex and dynamic revenue splits; we will link a rule to these following properties:

  • Clients
  • Regions
  • Timeframes
  • Traders

At the same time, a rule enables the users to solve complex revenue splits for both the house and traders. Furthermore, the users can map a rule to one or more client(s) and amend a rule’s details retrospectively.


The Reporting interface easily permits analysis of transactions with many different ‘Slice and Dice’ options to report your business how you want. The P&L and P&L allocation information is included in this feature.


With the automated reporting engine you can easily generate reports to clients on their activity and charges. The same engine can be used for internal reporting too.


The FIX processing capability allows rapid management of both Client and Market side trades.

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ATAS (Arbor Transaction Attribution System)

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Broker Transaction Manager


  • Testimonial

    Nectar Capital undertook a broad anlaysis of what was currently available in the market place and we selected Arbor FS for a number of reasons. Primarily, being an Alpha generative organisation we liked Arbor’s ability to present our portfolio in several ways, including fully customisable views for each user. Such functionality allows our portfolio managers to drill down on relevant exposures in the portfolio and helps them make optimal investment decisions.
    From an operations perspective Arbor automates many of our processes and procedures, therefore reduces the time and cost of our middle and back-office undertakings. We liked the platform’s ability to pull data from our Custodian and highlight differences that may exist. We liked the ability to extract historic trade information in a meaningful manner, and we liked the ability to adjust many of the variables in the system to our internal preferences. Additionally the interaction and file upload to our Administrator is fully automated.
    Finally, we believed (and still believe) Arbor to be a client focused business with a client focused structure. These are business oriented people helping us to facilitate our own successful business.

    Robin Grant, COO, Nectar Capital