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DashboardiPadArbor Reporting Portal allows users to create custom reports, using data sets of the user’s choice to distribute this for both internal and external use. Users can make these reports accessible to anyone they entitle, including marketers, potential investors, and other external parties. Our Reporting Portal can be used on a range of platforms: computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Data Reporting & Interactivity

Users can enhance the depth of data available on these reports through incorporating new data provided by clients, such as market data, benchmark performances and index prices.

These reports are interactive, enabling the users and their recipients to perform in-depth analysis on each report. For instance, in example above, you can choose to display or hide a parameter in a report by checking / un-checking the text box.

Data Drill Down

Top 5 Bottom 5Users can also drill down for data summaries by hovering their cursors over the graph of interest. To view the summary of data in tabular format, the users can simply click the respective graph.

Reporting Design

Our portal offers numerous graph designs, enabling you to create a report that best suits your data. Here are some samples of our graphic design.

Bar Chart (Fund vs Index Performance)


This chart shows the Jensen’s Alpha of individual position in our portfolio compared with the selected benchmark(s) within its reporting period. This allows you to view which products performed well and not so well compared to the selected benchmark, within the reporting timeframe.

Pie Chart (P&L distribution grouped by client)

Pie Chart

This broker dealer report shows the level of P&L that each product generates. With this graph, we can see a comprehensive breakdown of this firm’s profit for the month, with the data grouped by each individual product’s contribution.

Slide Show

Users can also create slideshows, which helps form a flexible reporting interface for mobile phone and tablet users. Slideshows can easily be shared via URL, and are fully customizable.

Have a play with the slideshow above. You can set it to full screen, hover over the graph to see data summary, modify the slide interval period and click a section of the graph to drill down to see the components of the data.

Fund Analytics

Tabular View

Our reporting also supports a tabular view, which is a great tool for viewing fund performances and analytics. Users can see their fund summary, which can be grouped or ordered by customizable parameters. This helps users to view the most relevant analytics across time periods.

Below is an example of a report, comparing how well a portfolio measures against S&P 500 and the Nikkei Index over time.


Dashboard WordPressIn the dashboard, you can pool your reports together neatly. On top of this, you can efficiently filter these reports, using relevant parameters, such as L/S, trade date and product ID.

Short Intro Video

Intro to Arbor Reporting Portal: Click to Download / View

Performance Attribution Reporting: Click to Download / View

Sample Reports for Clients

Arbor Portfolio Management System

Portfolio Choice

Using data from our Portfolio Management System, the users can create reports pertaining to their funds – one example is to see how their fund performs overtime. In the example above, we are comparing how three funds, based on their risk profile, fares against each other in January 2016.

Arbor Order Management System

Commission per Broker

For OMS users, we (or you) can create reports about the amount you have spent broker commissions for the given fund period, in a spider-web style. You can also perform data drill-down on this graph.

Customization and Support

These reports can be sent both to you and to whomever else you want, including potential investors, custodians, prime brokers and administrators.

Additionally, they can be sent as regularly as you wish, and within any reporting timeframe (MTD, QTD, etc.). Our interfaces team and analysts will help you create the perfect reports for your needs.

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