Middle Office Providers

Middle Office Providers use our centralised PMS and fund grouping to simplify the management of many different funds (clients) from the same interface.

With the high levels of integration many operational tasks with third parties can be consolidated and automated.

Front Office

The application front end for front office functions like Real Time Position Reporting and Order Management can be deployed directly to your clients, while you actively manage the back end and the rest of the workflow. This allows your clients to have true real time portfolio management.

Complete System

All the system functionality described for APM and Order Manager is available to you and your clients. You can tailor the functionality delivered to your users to suit their specific needs.

Client Reporting

The Arbor reporting engine can automatically generate and distribute branded reports to your clients directly.

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  • Testimonial

    Aviate Global has worked very closely with the Arbor team from their inception. As a sell side broker, it’s essential Aviate can get timely, accurate trade information to our back office and with Arbor’s systems this is handled with ease. Arbors system automates and streamlines our workflow. This has obviously led to a more productive middle office, where we can focus our energies on other areas of the business.
    With a fully a compliant DR solution also in place Arbor have given us a fantastic scalable platform for us to work from.

    Peter Grayson, COO, Aviate Global.