Mini Primes

With Arbor’s centralised fund management it is easy to maintain positions, exposure, performance etc. of many funds in different currencies each representing a valuable client.

In addition to the individual fund management and the obvious opportunity to provide Middle Office Services (see Middle Office Providers), the Arbor system allows you to take a Real Time consolidated view of your positions and exposure, a key requirement for successful custodianship. The fund grouping feature allows you to easily structure your business and client base to your needs.

Client Reporting

The output to your clients will be their specific fund(s) reported with your branding in your format.

Portfolio Management

It is possible to provide selected clients with the APM front end and so allow them a realtime interface presenting their funds with the same interactive features available to you.

Trade Execution

With the Order Manager component presented to your clients you are able to direct execution flow from the client including both pre and post trade compliance.

Client Monitoring

With the client reporting features, the compliance features as well as the application itself. It is possible to have internal monitoring and alerting on clients and the group as a whole on a frequency you choose.

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