Hedge Funds / Family Offices

All Hedge Funds and Family Offices are different and so are their requirements. The main features listed in the product pages are designed to encompass this breadth of requirement. Whether it be controlling workflow, breaks, managing short cash differently to long cash, managing positions at strategy level or back office reporting.

The following outlines how Arbor features help different users/clients of such funds:

Arbor for your Investors

Investors have a long list of requirements related to operations, our system addresses many of these common topics like:

  • Operational Risk – Through automating many of the flows (see below).
  • Personnel Risk – As funds typically have a low head count many roles are covered by few people. If someone is away unexpectedly the fund can keep running, through the automation and by other users having the same consistent interface.
  • Compliance Monitoring – The flexibility allows many investor specific demands to be met.
  • Reporting – Investors may want specific reports sent to them directly. This is fine in APM.
  • Full Audit – All changes are tracked, including the operator and time of entry. Nothing can go untraced.

Arbor for Front Office

Order management, pre trade compliance, proposed portfolio views, portfolio rebalancing, real time P&L and real time exposure provides accurate control of your fund.

Arbor for Back Office

Automation is key here, with the many transaction entry methods and automated third party integration including trade send, pricing and reconciliation, the chance of breaks/errors are greatly reduced. If errors do occur you have time to investigate and resolve immediately.

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