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Our September release (2016.9) is now available, see how it could help you!

New features: Reporting enrichment with dynamically configurable data feeds to extend reporting input with client specific feeds. Manual order aggregation has been added, where all the completed orders can be converted into one aggregate order using average weighted price. Refinements: Refinements to Trade Query and Order Entry – users can filter the products using Product […]

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2016.8 is ready for release. Get in touch to get it installed!

New features: Introduction of reorganization in corporate actions in our system through split logic i.e. keeping parent and child position. New columns with Greek values introduced to Redi interface. Financing from custodian files, like stock loan has been added. Refinements: Addition of new features in broker and order reporting page like grouping, filtering, collapsing and […]

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Our new version, 2016.7, is now rolling – get in touch to see how it could help you.

New features: New corporate action types to deal with spin offs and restructuring of companies such as mergers. Locate configuration can now be set at fund, broker or custodian level along with detailed refinement on how to handle exceptions. Ability for one client to have multiple 2 way OMS FIX sessions. Refinements: Treeview display configuration […]

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2016.6 is ready for release!

New features: Execution Reporting tab which allows users to view each order broken down by fill. Automated client and market side trades, for clients using the sell side application. Product Pricing page can now calculate margin requirement values by using the market exposure values. Refinements: Ability to group in Portfolio Summary, by all available columns. […]

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