Our new updates in 2019.7!

Here’s our latest Monthly Release. We have added a range of new columns and options throughout our Portfolio Management Software to give you a fuller picture of your portfolio.

New Features

  • Financing Page
    • Users can now see the accruals based on the market value of equity products.
  • Mobile Application
    • Users can now see the underlying product ID for futures and options products on the Mobile app.
  • Product Pricing
    • With the IQ price feed, users can now see the last price from IQ instead of the theoretical price (Black-Sholes-Merton Option pricing model) when volatility and historical volatility numbers are not available from IQ.
  • Batch Jobs
    • Users can now disable/enable specific jobs through task monitor.
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
    • Orders for which approval and check is required will go to pending status and the rest will go to approved status by default.


  • Order Reporting
    • Users can now search specific product with the help of either: CUSIP, Product Identifier, Product Description etc on ‘Proposed Position Reporting’ page under ‘Order Reporting’ tab.
  • Settle Date
    • Users can now search using the new filter controls on ‘Accounts’, ‘Holiday Calendar’ and ‘Settle Date’ pages.


  • Position Reporting
    • Users can now see the accrued interest for fixed income products in the none mode also.
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