Our new updates in 2019.9!

Here’s our latest Monthly Release. We have added a range of new columns and options throughout our Portfolio Management Software to give you a fuller picture of your portfolio.

New Features

  • Trade Query
    • Multiple users can now save predefined query with the same name.


    • Corporate Action
      • Users can now clone already existing records on ‘Corporate Action’ page.
    • Cash Activity
      • Users can now select accounts by checking the drop down boxes in ‘Account’ field.
    • Beta and Delta
      • Users can now set up the Beta values based on long and short positions.


    • Corporate Action
      • System is now applying the correct rounding-offs to quantities subsequent to any corporate action as per FIFO basis.
    • Fixed Income
      • System is now calculating the correct P&L for partially realized positions for product type FIFO
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